Our Educational Approach


Are Our Children Learning to Dream Big?

Americans live in the greatest nation ever created. Our children should be dreaming big dreams. A full, well rounded education allows all doors to be opened. Our students should dream of becoming Astronauts, Welders, Lawyers, Biologists, Home Makers, Entrepreneurs, Plumbers, and more. Their education must open EVERY door and the answer our students must have is “I can do anything with a strong education and hard work!”

Building Knowledge & Vocabulary are Critical in Early Grades

Some students start school with a strong vocabulary and base of knowledge. Others arrive counting on the school to enrich their minds. For some, a gap of vocabulary and knowledge base exists but early on the gap is small. Closing the gap for some and increasing Knowledge and Vocabulary for all is essential to success in academics as well as life. 

Resources for both Parents/Educators on Knowledge and Vocabulary

“The Making of Americans” and “The Schools We Need” both by E.D. HIrsch along with ”The 57 Most Important Words in Ed Reform” with Robert Pondisio are great!  https://youtu.be/WKSIRXa6OLk

An Example of Why Knowledge Based Education is Critical

Consider this sentence. 

“Beam, under heavy pressure, stepped up in the pocket and delivered the rock to Connor for 6!” 

Most Americans would instantly understand that Beam was a Quarterback on a football team and threw the ball to Connor for a touchdown after evading the strong defense due to Americans’ background knowledge of Football. Most of our friends from England would understand and comprehend every word of the above sentence but would be left guessing on the meaning as American Football is not the national obsession in their country. If  the needed background knowledge is left out even the most educated person will be searching for the meaning of  a simple sentence.

Teaching Across the Entire School

Do you ever wonder why different classes that teach the same student do not work together? We do as well. If a 1st grade student is learning about the Declaration of Independence, why don’t they count the colonies in Math class instead of plastic chips. The Art drawn should be of the Founding of our Nation instead of cartoon characters. The music taught from the time period, maybe not the Top 40. Literature from our Nation’s birth instead of the trend of the day. Our schools teach across the curriculum to reinforce every angle of education so the student has every advantage.