Our Guiding Principles


Our Schools must start with a quality, content rich curriculum that is knowledge based. Nothing can substitute for a full, well-rounded education to include; English, Literature, History, Science, Math, PE, Music, and Art. All students deserve the opportunity at the best education America has to offer and it is every school’s duty to deliver.

School Culture

Academic success is just a part of the educational experience. Students must experience education in life as well. Helping to lead a student toward a virtuous life must be a guiding principle of every person in the building. Working with students to learn from success and failure is a top priority for our company as we work with any school. 


Many schools over the past 50 years or so have drifted away from teaching U.S. History and what it means to be an American Citizen. We feel it is imperative to teach that it is important to vote but not who to vote for. It is vital for students to be active in their community. Well educated, American Citizens will keep our nation strong!